• Garage Screen Doors for 2 car garage 
  • Garage Screen Doors for a 1 car garage 
  • Optional mosquito screening 1 car (20/20) 
  • Optional white or bronze sun-screen 

Pricing for garage screens is based on 8" kick panel rubber rollers on bottom of each door unit, come-alongs 1x2 aluminum to build out your opening and to have something to screw the frame work of your door units to. A threshold in the front and rear of your door system so that a vehicle may drive over them with out doing any harm to the track. The bottom flange will be cut off at the bottom for ease of installation. Standard screening charcoal 18x14 mesh screening, all tracks, hardware and caulking. Ask about our Installation Kits

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10x18x10 Screen Room Kit with non-insulated roof and 1-36" screen door 16" kick plate, gutter, trim, hardware and caulking. Ask about our screen room kits

  • Optional Insulated Roof 3" Elite Roof 
  • Optional Internal Fan Beam 
  • Optional mosquito screening 

Acrylic and Vinyl Windows

Acrylic and Vinyl Windows are custom made to size these windows are not suitable for in home construction only external structures such as screen rooms, room additions made of aluminum products or sheds. The structure is typically attached to home provided you conform with your local building departments laws and codes. Just e-mail your sizes or fax and we will get back to you with a price within 48 hours. Ask about our Installation Kits

Roof-Over Systems

A roof-over system is an aluminum pan roof typically 3" rise panel interlocking every foot with 2" inches of styrofoam underneath the roof with trim around the perimeter z- angle to interlock the foam and to reinforce the roof system. This product is very popular in mobile home communities, manufactured homes, not seen very often on traditional house roofs. This system replaces your current roof it installs on top of your existing home roof. This particular kit will need further discussion, definitely e-mail your questions or call us directly for further explanation. 

Prices will vary we will need to know the width by the length of the mobile home and if the roof is gabled, very important! 


An aluminum carport is a covered area in which to park your car, boat, truck or whatever you need to protect from rain for instance, a carport is open on all sides with typically anywhere between 4-6 3x3 posts at whatever height necessary with a 2x4 or 2x6 beam typically around the edges or in front.  Ask about our Installation Kits


  • 10x16x10 attached to a building 
  • 10x16x10 free-standing carport 

This installation kit includes 3x3 aluminum posts a receiving channel for roof 2x4 aluminum beam gutter and trim, 1 down-spout with elbow and 10-16' aluminum pan roof panels, bolts, screws, caulking etc...

* All Pricing Subject To Change At Any Time*


A custom designed installation kit is collection of all the necessary building items needed to complete a job or project. The kit will include all necessary building materials hardware and caulking. Example: 10x18x10 3 sided screen room kit with 8' tall side walls will include the following: 1 36" screen door, all vertical uprights, all horizontal cross members, a solid 3" 0.24 aluminum pan roof with a 1' o-hang all around, 16" aluminum kick plate along the bottom of enclosure kick plate trim around the edges of the kick plate, charcoal 18x14 mesh screening,

a 3" aluminum extruded receiving channel to mount to the host structure (house,building) spline to roll the screen in with, a screen roller, screws, caulking, trim, gutter, down spouts, elbows and several other key components. A kit can be designed for any project, all we need is information such as length, width and height. An illustration of what you would like to do, a photograph would also be very helpful for visual aid when designing a custom kit.  Our local customers have been taking advantage of our Discount Aluminum Kits for years, here are some examples: screen rooms, carports, sheds, garage door screens, covered roofs insulated or non-insulated, glass, vinyl, or acrylic windows, gutters, pool enclosures and much more. Just contact us and let us do the rest.